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The Checklist


can-COPE bead set

banking arrangements

heath care insurance in place, apply to Pharmacare

check-ups- eye examination, dentist

pre-op appt

lab work

arrange rides

food prep

chore list, delegate

move items to accessible height

set up sleep/relax areas

In Hospital

can-COPE bead set


pocket calendar- easily accessible by all

reading glasses

extra long charging cord


lip balm


ear plugs/eye shade

hand lotion/salve

wipes anti bacterial

house coat 

button front PJs

slippers (slip on)

socks moisture wicking

pen and paper

Books- magazines, novel, crosswords

tablet, movies, apps

Recovery- Snuggle in

can-COPE bead set

bed, sofa, recliner

side table, pouch, bed tray/lap desk, "tv" table

lighting- bedside, reading

water bottle, straw

medications- anti-nausea, antacid, cannabis, pharma, essential oils, diffuser, timer


fan- hand or remote controlled



reading glasses

unscented laundry products

extra long charging cord

lanyard to hold drains


lip balm


heat/cool pad

ear plugs/eye shade

hand lotion

tissues, wet wipes

back scratcher

extra pillows, wedge, body, neck

blankets-throw, lap, weighted, electric

silk pillow case, sleep cap

house coat 

button front PJs, flannel shirt with pockets

slippers (slip on)

socks moisture wicking non-skid

visual inspiration- displayed art, celebration item, view

pen and paper- journal, notes

books- magazines, novel, crosswords

tablet, movies, apps, meditations

ear buds

hobby- knit, crochet, paint, draw, write, rug hooking (skip embroidery and avoid sharp objects)

snacks with intuitive eating- fresh/dried fruits, nuts, jerky, saltine crackers/melba toast

drinks- waters, teas, carbonated water, tonic, electrolytes

shape shifter

free weights, balls, bolster

Chemotherapy Room

can-COPE bead set

layered comfy clothes- easy access to infusion site (port, pic or vain)



tablet/movies/apps, meditation

ear buds

hand work -NO embroidery/sewing

books- reading/colouring


lap blanket, throw

lip balm

any required medications


yup you got it...can-COPE bead set lol

quick change clothing options

slip on footwear

LOTION (apply immediately)

drinking water

pocketbook calendar  -easily accessible to all


lip balm


pause   breathe   shift

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