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Soul Shift Wellness

...separately we journey <> together we shift ~

The Mission

is to provide a lived and live resource platform, and an informative foundation during healing, while raising funds for 

WELLNESS live and virtual retreats for women afflicted with breast cancer.


Soul Shift Wellness promotes whole person healing ideas, utilizing practices such as "The Shift Work" featuring  PBS, can~COPE and the Blue Booby. A co~creative approach to finding what works for each unique individual. Step out of the old patterns and embrace a new perspective on our way toward wellness.


The Shifted Nipple

just BREATHE >

featuring "I can-COPE: From A Survivor's Perspective" Practices/Programs/Retreats/Workshops  

The tips, the tricks, the TUFF TITTIE TOXX

The facts, the FAQ, the "oh F@CKs!!"

A personal guided tour through a breast cancer journey, past the BLUE BOOBY and beyond to SOUL SURVIVOR 

<<< Shift happens 

...touch the STONES and keep on keepin" on 

(password protected)

Adventure & Events coming soon


The Gift Shift

ALL proceeds go towards funding products and services for woman newly diagnosed with  breast cancer 

The Shift Exchange

Exchanging positive energy as currency...lead by example, encourage alongside, or bolster a support network.

Gift a service, product or adventure to someone specific or simply sponsor a stranger.

Thank you for your support...<>~

The Monetary Gift

...rather just donate funds? That would be awesome too! 

Thank you for your support...<>~

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About Shift

a shifted purpose​

"From Lotusland with Love"

Original British Columbia conception area-

-to provide province wide services

-Abbotsford, Kelowna, Prince George, Surrey, Vancouver, Victoria central

-Covid 19 allows for the structure of a different way of gathering for retreats, workshops and personal 1-1 sessions

Original can~COPE outreach-

connecting existing "healthcare facilities" around the province of British Columbia, Canada

A new idea begins to be-

Based in Canada Soul Shift Wellness is now INTERNATIONAL.

-shifting during times of a global Pandemic and unrest.

Global, national and local resources, services, and products provided online, with virtual or live adventures and events whenever possible.

The personal touch and human connection of community coming together, reaching out, providing comforts, experiences and joys to those in need, regardless of location. 

If you live on planet earth, we are here for you!

who's who here

Tammy Scarlett



the board



the board


who else will we see here?




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