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Tammy Scarlett

SSW Founder

July 2013, Triple Negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

Bilateral mastectomies

Chemotherapy (8 bi-weekly treatment with self-injection booster shots, plus portacath installation)

Radiation (28 sessions)

Full reconstruction (expanders, implants, nipple reconstruction, tattoos)

Partial deconstruction (En Bloc explant)


160 volunteering hours at Cancer Center in Patient Support including Chemo Teach (& cosmetics room), Relaxation Therapy and Chemo Room


Certified NLP Life Coach Practitioner

Studies in Energy medicine and Trauma and Strategic Resilience

Cannabis Fundamentals Certification


Diplomas in Make Up Artistry and Interior Design

Bestselling Author in Woman of Worth Series- Women’s Wellness: Aging at Any Age with Moxie

Founder of Soul Shift Wellness

photo: Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, Peru, July 2014... a defining moment

what they are saying...

Trust~worthy and ethical

"A patient contacted me to ask if you could call them. I know you are aware that this goes beyond what is your role and so I guided them to the patient and family counselling. They were fine when I explained that this is against our policy. They said that you had mentioned that you went through the same thing but did not give details. Sounds like you maintained your professional boundaries (as per our training manual guidelines and policies) but thought I'd send you this email and let you know of the request and how it was dealt with.

Keep up the good work!"


Tammy Scarlett

facilitator, healer, warrior, breast cancer survivor, wellness advocate, bestselling author and KC NLP Coach Practitioner







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